Ian Ross Garrett | Strategic Consultant
BSc (Adel), B Medical Technology (UniSA), PhD (Adel)

Dr. Garrett was born and raised in Australia, attended the University of Adelaide, obtained a degree in Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry and a further Degree in Medical Technology from the South Australian Institute of Technology (now the University of South Australia). In 1979 he was employed by the Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science studying the host response to prosthetic wear debris and earned his Ph.D. from the University of Adelaide studying metal containing anti-inflammatory drugs.

In 1985 he moved to San Antonio to the University of Texas Science Center at San Antonio for a Ph.D fellowship in bone and cartilage metabolism and then joined OsteoSA in 1988 at its inception. There he was responsible for research and development and identification of new drug candidates that influence skeletal growth and repair. He then took a position in 1992 with OsteoScreen as Scientific Director responsible for strategic management and R&D functions while developing novel assays and approaches for determining the effects of drugs and compounds on bone formation.

In 2007 he was recruited to Zimmer Biologics as Director of Bone and Drug Device focused on developing innovative skeletal repair products. In 2010 he became Senior Director as part of the management team responsible for the management of R&D functions and developed and marketed biologic orthopedic products for the reconstructive, dental, spinal, trauma divisions.

Dr. Garrett has over 25 years of experience in Research and Development Management, Strategic Business Planning, Biotechnology Operations Management, Product Development Cycle and a broad understanding of regulatory routes for both pharmaceutical and medical device industries. With strong technology commercialization know-how and an extensive academic background in translating bench science into orthopedic, medical device and drug health products he currently serves as CEO and founder of Tutume Consulting advising for an array of orthopedic, pharmaceutical and nutraceuticals companies with a strategic focus on early startup and later stage development initiatives focused on therapeutic approaches to tissue regeneration and skeletal repair.